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Bienvenue chez Karisma Mastering

Karisma Mastering est un studio de Mastering Audio Professionnel, situé à Montreal,QC, Canada.
Le studio a été soigneusement construit afin de donner à vos production un excellent niveau de qualité, depuis 2006.

"Primum non nocere "

I have spent a lifetime listening and connecting a clients work with an
audience thru mastering .

       Guy Hebert's mastering prides itself on ,

An accurate monitoring environment, proven analog and digital outboard
equipment, the finest converters available, and most importantly the skill
necessary to achieve a desired result .

From the most sweeping move to the smallest tweek , we never lose sight of
the clients original musical intent and the audience it will be directed
towards .

It will be our pleasure enhancing your project and we look forward to
working with you.

My very best,

 Guy Hebert
Karisma Mastering

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